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3 Martial Art Ninja books — Rialto
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1) Forbidden Fighting Techniques Of the Ninja, by Ashida Kim 1984  8 chapters  lots of pitures 122 pages

2)Ninjutsu, The art of the invisible Warrior, by Stephen Hayes 1984 6 chapters  160 pages lots of pictures

3)The Mistic Arts of the Ninja, Hypnotism, Invisivility, and weponry by Stephen Hayes 1985 7 chapters 146 pgs

also lots of pictures.

All books are in exellent condition and even though they are 27, to 28 years old they have been kept in plastics 

they all contain a lot of imformation on the ancient art of Ninjutsu, lots of step by step instructions and provide

a lot of knowledge.     A must if u want to add to ur collection!